How Do I find a Suitable Investment Property?

We get asked this question all the time, and we know the answer!

Tribe offer a one-stop shop solution to not only assist you in finding the perfect property but also to get you the best finance offer and legal/building/accounting advice available.


Only 1 property out of every 100 are approved through our strict research process

Our Tribe has consistently been securing the best properties in Australia to match our clients investment needs and strategies. Our Tribe leaders have analysed thousands of properties and transacted in over 500 million dollars in property sales since 2010.  

We provide you the same research developers use when analysing locations to develop multi million dollar high yielding projects.  Our founders have worked in Director level positions for some of Melbourne's most distinguished development groups as well as a leading  publicly listed development group. This allows our clients access to some of the best properties on the market that pass out Tribe methodology tests.  Because these properties are handpicked by our team they are often not available publicly or through a traditional real estate agency.


Sourcing quality properties in the right markets is only part of what we do

Strict due diligence is conducted on every property we market. We gather all our information from Australian registered and recognised specialists to ensure quality of advice. This includes price and position research, contract checking, legal, finance, inspections, town planning and investment property management. We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for everything you require to buy a property, without having the hassle of meeting with different people. Your property coach will do all the leg work for you. 

Legal services and finance

Our in house legal council has a masters degree from Monash University and has worked in property law for many years. The purchase process can be daunting with many differences between contract types and requirements across Australia which is why having direct access to a property lawyer (without the excessive fees and long time frames) can be extremely beneficial in the overall process.

Our Finance specialist has been dealing with numbers for a lifetime and knows exactly what is required to get you across the line to purchase your property without making you give up your smashed avocado breakfasts! 

who can use our services?

We would love to say that the Tribe Team can help every one but we do have some requirements that need to be met for our Team to be able to provide the best quality service. Come and see us for a coffee to check whether you meet these requirements.