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The Tribe method has been developed by our team of industry property professionals. Our analytical process is by far the most honest and superior in the Australian property market. Each development or property we consider has to go through this bespoke process before it becomes available to any of our Tribe clients. Our process often takes up to 2 months to finalise. 

Step 1): The Current Climate

Along with our own analysis Tribe constantly purchases historical pricing data from leading providers Australia wide to help evaluate each and every property and development we recommend. With our own redline/green line cycles together with this historical data it allows us to determine whether the property is worth looking into further. 

2)   The Break Down

If the property passes its first test we then use our expert panel to break it down further. Each of our Panel members is qualified both through education and years of experience.  In essence your utilising the power of  80+ years in property experience across, design, development, construction and research.  This step is focused on working out the geographical regions that are likely to experience strong capital growth. The following factors are some of the fields we look at: Employment and economic growth, population changes such as growth and or decline, government spending and infrastructure such as new hospitals and growth corridors. Supply and demand from local based purchasers as well as investment.  

3)  Specific Analysis 

Once a region has been identified as a growth area, our research analysis looks into 6 key elements to make sure it ticks all the boxes. 

Quality. Our architects and builders jump on site and check out 5+ years of previous projects from the developer. 

Design. Our interior architect and external architects go through the designs with intense scrutiny. 

Amenities. We map out the proximity and quality of education, hospitals, aged care, shopping centres, childcare etc.

Value. Based on historical data and 10 + years of selling history we make sure its worth every dollar. 

Transportation. Current and future transport planning approvals are analysed for price growth.

Rent. We break down the demand and rental returns in the area and often make our development partners provide guarantees. 

Step 4) 2 Tier Star Rating 

Every property is then rated on a unique star rating system.  Growth is the key for creating wealth, but cash flow is also truly important for many investors.  We only approve property that meet both of these categories for our clients.  This allows us to provide you with an accurate up to date research breakdown so you can make informed decisions about your future properties. 

Step 5) We approve! 

We then provide you with a range of options for your property purchase. We ensure all the boxes above are ticked and then we can move onto securing the property. Finance is obtained simultaneously so that it all comes together at once. 



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